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Kimberly Boucher is an Intuitive and trained Health Coach. She practices and teaches living the life of vitality, mind, body, and nutrition to allow for excellence in life resulting in improved work and relationship experiences.

All About Kimberly!

Kimberly has been in healthcare for over 27 years as a frontline clinician to overseeing the operations of healthcare corporations. During this time, Kimberly has not only mastered the business development world; she has developed her gifts and studied with some of the most gifted Masters and Teachers from around the world. Co-creating with thousands around the globe she enlightens each and every soul.

Kimberly serves as an Expansion Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive and Humanitarian whose number one priority is to transform one soul at a time by reconnecting those back to their greatest potential. Kimberly has dedicated her life to serving humanity. She has fine-tuned her abilities so that every client she supports leaves feeling fully seen, loved, and transformed with goals achieved whether it be in business, health, or finance.

Education is always essential for growth and development.  Kimberly is currently completing the Master’s Program in Regulatory Science as well as Certification in Endocrinology.

Be Well Solutions - Wellness That Reaches To The Core

Harvesting gems from many healing modalities, her sessions weave the principles of, Napoleon Hill; Reiki, Myofascial Release, John Barnes trained; Certified Aroma Therapist; Yoga Nidra Instructor/Mindfulness MBSR trained; Certified in Acupressure; Access Consciousness BARS; Reconnection Energy 1,2, 3; Certified Raw Foods Educator; Certified Transcutaneous Acupuncture; Ordained Minister and Pastoral Counselor; Etheric Surgery; Supreme Science Qi Gong Instructor, Levels, 1,2,3; Sound Healing 1,2; extensive training with Dr. Norm Shealy and Carolyn Myss on Medical intuition; NLP Certified Practitioner; DoTerra Wellness Consultant; BioMat Consultant; extensive work with the Edgar Cayce Readings; Certified HeartMath Certified Trainer;  QHHT; Doterra Wellness Advocate & Ho’oponopono Certified.

Blueprints to Vitality & Disease Free Living!

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspired your hopes” Andrew Carnegie.

Learn more about how our three prime components, mind, body, and nutrition work harmoniously together to provide a disease-free living. Investigate cutting-edge techniques and how to nourish your soul. Expand into the inherent possibilities of wellness and the mind, body, nutrition connection to well-being. Live a more balanced life!


  • Guide clients in mindful thinking and building confidence

  • Help clients define a higher purpose for wellness

  • Address mental and physical health together

  • Help clients draw a personal wellness blueprint

  • Help clients set realistic goals

  • Accept and meet clients on all emotional levels

  • Help clients view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow

  • Help clients build a support team

  • Inspire and challenge clients to go beyond what they might be able to do alone

  • Pinpoint mental blocks and break thru these blocks

  • Develop heart-centered thinking

  • Laser in and define specific and achievable goals

  • Understand your cravings in order to gain control over them

  • Excel in your personal and business goals with laser focus

  • Guide clients to harness the strengths needed to overcome obstacles

Beyond nutritional health coaching

Beyond nutritional health coaching, Kimberly’s Coaching program involves the path of self-awareness to achieve life goals and of discovering and working with one’s inner self to propel such achievements. Through a unique fusion of traditional life coaching and ancient healing philosophy, Kimberly helps each client to realize one’s true purpose(s) in life, to define life goals around that purpose, and to set clear, practical steps in order to achieve those goals, with the ultimate aim of living a happier, more productive, and more peaceful life.

Intuitive Nutritional Health Coaching is not therapy: you won’t simply be afforded a cozy chair to explain your feelings—you will be asked to make clear, actionable commitments to making positive changes in your life. Intuitive Nutritional Health Coaching is not Life Coaching: you won’t simply be given tasks and goals—you will be lead inward to face your fears, to develop tools in combating those fears as well as methods for embracing them, fears which are essentially stopping you from taking action toward your goals. Those brave individuals entering this coaching must want change in some way.

Most adults have developed strong stories about who they are and what they can and CANNOT do. We’ve created robust identities around the limits in our lives, and we very seldom stray from any behaviors that those limiting identities afford. Why? Because our identities are what we know—they’re safe! So what happens if we start pushing the limits? What happens if we start testing the very boundaries of our self-image, toward discovering new ways of interacting with the world, more productive ways of being, more peaceful and centered ways of living? We face the fear of change—the fear of the unknown! And that is extremely scary. But our fear is also a blessing. With the right coach along the path inward, we can learn to not only combat these fears but also to embrace them in helping us to understand the limits of our own identities, thereby discovering ways to overcome our own self patterns and make the amazing and necessary changes for our lives that we never thought possible

Inspiration Comes In all Forms

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Client Reviews

What’s it like to work with Kimberly? Here are some of her client’s stories!

I have known Kimberly Boucher for many years and both my partner Luis and I have seen her for energy work and for health counseling which has greatly benefited both of us in dramatic ways. I would highly recommend anyone with any kind of health concern to see Kimberly for making some very positive changes in life style. Kimberly understands how difficult it is to make changes and works gently with clients to help them to facilitate the changes they wish to make to improve their health. She is compassionate and extremely skilled and through years of study has amassed an arsenal of healing skills unlike anyone I personally know or have heard of.
Louise D.
Kim is genuinely a compassionate, insightful energy healer and beautiful soul with an incredible gift to share. I’ve had a number of healing sessions with Kim over the years. My first one was so powerful and transformational i have a vivid recollection etched in my memory. Recently Kim helped me with a health issue and her insight literally knocked me of my feet. I always look forward to working with Kim and cant say enough wonderful things about her.
Louise D.
My sessions with Kimberly have helped me tremendously. Her guidance, compassion and healing abilities are what empowered me to make changes in my lifestyle and overall well being. Truly a genuine person and I recommend her services to anyone!
Kimberly D.
I have had energy sessions with Kim. I have never felt so good. Kim is amazing. She has guided me and has helped change my life. Her serenity-genuine caring, warmth and tremendous knowledge is awesome. For a life-changing and affirmation experience please see Kim.
Karen M.

Kimberly Boucher has worked with me several times as an energy and spiritual healer. She is very gifted with intuitive insights that go right to the heart of physical and emotional blocks. Kim makes excellent use of various training in many techniques.

Jim C.

Coaching with Kimberly

Coaching with Kimberly

Kimberly knows how difficult it can be to stick to your goals, and she is here to provide you with your own personal guide. Virtual coaching is personalized, convenient, and interactive. In-office sessions are always available as well. Start with a complimentary consultation by contacting Kimberly

Intuitive health coaching is dedicated to the enhancement of well-being; generating more meaning, satisfaction, and positive emotion in life; getting to the root cause of what is happening within you. it involves weekly sessions coupled with other electronic communication. Progress is measured by client-initiated behavioral goals that are geared to enhancing mind, body, and nutrition.

The Coaching Process

Coaching is generally done through regular weekly sessions, coupled with other electronic communication. We can meet via telephone/skype, email, or in person. Along the path of change, you will create solutions to overcome obstacles. This helps you build confidence and energizes you to maintain new behavior patterns.

What benefits can you expect from coaching?

  • Increase your life satisfaction
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Become your best self 
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-efficacy
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Be in touch with your heart center
  • Clear any blocks from allowing yourself to live disease-free


Have You Heard Yourself Say?

  • I’m done with quick fixes
  • I realize health is the most precious asset
  • I am tired of being indecisive
  • I need to be the boss of me
  • I realize the one-size-fits-all approach isn’t helping me
  • I have decided to master my mental game
  • I want to reach my peak performance in work and relationships
  • I know that a quick and extreme makeover isn’t the answer
  • I am tired of losing the wellness game
  • I want to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be
  • I want to live disease-free
  • I want to know alternatives to wellness
  • I want to love myself

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